Why We Use Local Business Whenever Possible

Why would a business spend more money for something they buy locally when they can buy seemingly the same product at a lower cost from out of the area? Simple! When we buy local we are employing local people that have a chance to spend the dollars we give them locally. This is known as a win – win!

This coming Friday August 16th Clarks Corner is hosting what we call “Clarks Uncorked”. We have 6 local wineries bringing in wine that was grown locally by local farmers and the people who worked in the vineyard are local as well. The key to all of this is local. Amador County is one of the places left that still has a soul attached to it. You see people you know daily and when you need help it tends to show up! As a local business we depend on the local area and it’s vital to our survival.

The owner of Clarks Corner grew up in Ione and has a clear attachment to our community. He started Clarks Corner as a way to give back to an area he loves and employ local workers. As a competitive bicycle rider he spends a significant amount of time on our local roads and it’s his love of both riding and Amador County that helped to create the Clarks Corner Cycling Challenge.

For those readers that are not aware of this event, it simply means that we draw bicycle riders and world class athletes from around the world to travel to Amador County. These riders spend money in our local businesses, they ride on our roads and the money they spend help’s to generate funds for the interfaith Food Bank and the work they do to feed the less fortunate. The other charitable component of this event is World Bicycle Relief and the work they do around the world. All of this happens from something that started 4 years ago and remains based locally, just like the wineries that are going to be at “Clarks Uncorked” this Friday night, August 16th. The wine tasting is only $5 and we also have a delicious dinner available as well for an additional fee.

We hope you will join us for our wine event and then for our bicycle event on October 11 & 12. These events matter to the community, the Interfaith Food Bank, World Bicycle Relief and to Amador County. If you want more information about what is going on at Clarks Corner or in Ione please call Jessica Ramsey at 209-274-2233 or see us online at http://www.clarkscornerione.com

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All aboard!

There’’s something special about trains. From the excitement of the conductor working the whistle to the appearance of the caboose at a railroad crossing, we are hypnotized by these unique vessels. Whether you’’re eight or 80, chances are excellent that you’’ve ridden one before. They give us the opportunity to enjoy our surroundings without having to worry about keeping our eyes on the road. Both passenger trains and freight cars serve the same purpose: —to get people and goods from Point A to Point B. The next time you’’re out and about, notice how pervasive trains are in our culture. You’’ll find books like The Little Engine That Could and toys galore such as Thomas the Tank Engine and model train sets in stores and online.
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Nearly every town in America can stake claim to a famous inhabitant. In California alone, many stars of the silver screen and music world were born here in the Golden State. Actor/director Clint Eastwood hails from San Francisco, football player Tom Brady came into the world in San Mateo and singer/songwriter Chris Isaak was born in Stockton. Here in Ione, no other name is more recognizable than famous jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck. Born in Concord, Brubeck was subsequently raised in Ione by his cattle rancher father and piano-playing mother.
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Clark’s Corner

We’ve all seen the mugs that say “Those Who Can, Teach.” When it comes to cooking, one can make the same statement about Clark’s Corner General Manager, Chef Chris Martin. The gastronomic dynamo obtained his culinary education not at cooking school, but learned from several excellent chefs. Martin also swears by his local experiences. “My first real job was at an Italian steak house in Sacramento. The head cook had 30 years’ experience, so I learned a lot from him. The best thing I learned was that it takes a team to serve great food and [that] everyone is important. I’ve gotten great ideas from dishwashers!” Of course, a celebrity chef encounter is always appreciated. Martin crossed paths with one such idol: “Anthony Bourdain—also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!”

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CCCC 13-Chris Horner w-Sacramento Team

‘Clark’s Corner Cycling Challenge’ Featuring ‘Tour’ Winner Chris Horner: Event Saturday, 10/12 – Broke Attendance & Fundraising Records!

What: Founded in 2010, the “Clark’s Corner Cycling Challenge,” (CCCC) is an annual cycling event/group ride held annually, starting in beautiful Ione, CA, and circling through Amador County. This year, “Tour of Spain” Cycling Champion Chris Horner, rode in the charity event — attracting record-breaking attendance of over 600 cyclists and spectators, and increasing funds raised for charity by over 66 percent. The event benefits three important charities: Interfaith Food Bank of Amador County, World Bicycle Relief, and
The Chevo Foundation.

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This year’s 4th Annual Clark’s Corner Cycling Challenge has been a tremendous success!

“This year’s 4th Annual Clark’s Corner Cycling Challenge has been a tremendous success! Early results indicate bigger attendance, a sold out dinner, Chris Horner did indeed share intimate stories if his Spain win and more; and he did ride the 30 mile ride even with his fractured ribs.

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Amazing Race

Now that summer’s intense heat is mostly behind us, there’s no better way to spend our free time than by being outdoors. Whether you like to sip lemonade in the privacy of your own backyard or get in a long power walk is a matter of personal preference. If you live in Amador County, miles of hilly greenery are at your disposal. Leave the car in the garage, grab your bike and head out for an invigorating ride. Trails range from 6.9 to 48.5 miles with moderate-to-difficult terrain replete with switchbacks and steep climbs, and take the average rider between one and five hours to complete. Wine enthusiasts should check out Perry Creek and Slug Gulch in particular, whose routes pass through the Fairplay winery region. After all that pedaling, the 21 and older crowd can make a pit stop for some Cabernet or White Zinfandel at one–or all!–of eight wineries–you deserve it.

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